Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machines for Sale

When it comes to working out the lower body, one of the best pieces of fitness equipment is the leg curl / leg extension machines. These machines are designed to target specific muscle groups in the legs and can be very effective in building strength and muscle mass, and are a great choices if you’re looking to improve leg strength. You can buy these machines individually or as a combination. Below you can learn about what each machine does and see some great options for purchase for your home gym.

Leg Curl Machines

The leg curl machine is designed to work the muscles on the back of the thigh, specifically the hamstrings. The machine consists of a padded bench where the user lies face down and places their ankles under a padded bar. The user then lifts the weight by bending their knees and curling their legs towards their buttocks. This motion targets the hamstrings, which are responsible for hip extension and knee flexion.

Leg Extension Machines

On the other hand, the leg extension machine targets the muscles on the front of the thigh, namely the quadriceps. The machine consists of a padded seat where the user sits with their knees bent and their ankles under a padded bar. The user then extends their legs by pushing against the bar, which targets the quadriceps muscles responsible for knee extension.

While both machines are effective in targeting specific muscle groups, they differ in their range of motion. The leg curl machine allows for a greater range of motion and provides more flexibility in terms of the angles at which the legs can be curled. The leg extension machine, on the other hand, has a fixed range of motion and can only be used to target the quadriceps in a specific way. Since they both offer different benefits, a combination machine is a great option.

 It’s important to use these machines properly in order to avoid injury and to incorporate them into a well-rounded workout routine that includes other exercises for the legs and lower body. Ultimately, both machines are ideal for lower body workouts, and both are great additions to any home gym. 

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