Each machine undergoes a multi point inspection by a certified technician. Our machines are disassembled, thoroughly tested and brought to factory specifications and a close to new cosmetic condition. Mechanical parts such as drive belts, chains, electronics, gears, pulleys and motor shrouds are inspected and replaced as needed to meet factory specs. Cosmetically, the units may undergo complete sandblasting to bare metal and repainted with high quality paint (custom colors are available).  All remanufactured equipment is covered under a 6 month warranty with up-to a 2 year warranty available.

Step 1

All our machines are thoroughly inspected by a certified technician to check for any defects, worn parts, or any unusual noises. Any part that does not pass our inspection is replaced and/or repaired with new parts.

Step 2

The machine is disassembled and further inspected by a certified technician. This step ensures nothing is overlooked and all wear parts that do not meet factory specifications are replaced.

Step 3

Machines are sanded, prepped and painted with the high quality paint to ensure longevity. In some cases the machines may only need touch ups and polished to a like new condition.

Step 4

Machines are reassembled and undergo a final inspection before leaving the warehouse. The end result is a machine that looks and operates like new for a fraction of the cost.

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