Police & Fire Departments Gym Equipment

fire department and police department gym equipment

For police officers and firefighters, physical fitness is important to their livelihood and overall well-being. Both need to be in great physical condition to perform effectively on the job.

For firefighters, their ability to push, pull and lift heavy objects can be the difference between life and death during a call. Additionally, both police officers and firefighters must also be able to sustain physical activity for long stretches of time.

We understand the physical demands put on police and firefighters and will partner with you to ensure your department is properly equipped with the best exercise equipment available to help build stronger public safety men and women while staying within department budgets

Some popular fitness items and machines for police station and fire department gyms include:

Ropeflex APEX 2 RX4405 Treadmill Climbing Machine

Stairmaster 7000PT Stepmill with Silver Face

TrueForm Treadmill

Body-Solid Endurance Indoor Rower R300

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