Rope Trainer Machines for Sale

Shopping for a rope fitness machine for your home or commercial gym? At Expert Fitness Supply we carry a variety of rope training fitness equipment by Torque and Ropeflex including the Ropeflex RX2000 OX Multi Mode Rope Trainer, the Ropeflex RX2100 OX2 Rack Mount Rope Trainer, the Ropeflex RX2500 ORYX Multi Mode Rope Trainer, the Torque Fitness Endless Rope Trainer XERT, and more! 


We supply new and remanufactured fitness equipment for commercial gym and home gyms across the country. Get one the most after pieces of gym equipment available on the market, by contacting us today!

Rope trainers are great for helping individuals train for a variety of spots including Crossfit, MMA, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, grappling, and other sports! This piece of functional training equipment combines strength training, cardiovascular training, and muscular endurance training in one simple machine. They’re ideal for Crossfit gyms, MMA training gyms, home gyms, schools, firehouses, and other commercial facilities.  

Rope trainers allow the user to engage in a full body work-out using a singe piece of equipment. Rope trainers are excellent pieces of equipment offering many benefits to the user. Some of these benefits of rope trainers include:

  • They offer progressive resistance
  • The durable and pliable, polyester-weaved rope is soft on hands, comfortable to grip, and easy-to-clean.
  • Wheels allow for easy unit positioning
  • Most models are compatible with HIPERVISION virtual training system

Buy Rope Training Fitness Equipment Today

Whether you’re looking for more equipment to add to your personal gym or a commercial gym shop our high-quality, sturdy, efficient rope training machines by Ropeflex or Torque. 

Contact us today and one of our Gym Consultants with be glad to help and walk you through your purchase.

rope training machines for sale
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