StairMasters & Steppers for Sale

stairmaster and steppers for sale

Are you in the market for a StairMaster, Jacobs Ladder or Stepper machine? At Expert Fitness Supply we carry a wide variety of StairMaster and stepper models from various brands including BodySolid, StairMaster, Muscle D, Pro 6, and RopeFlex.

Some popular steppers our customers love are:


We supply new and remanufactured fitness equipment for commercial gym and home gyms across the country. Get one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment available on the market, by contacting us today!

Steppers, StairMasters, and Jacobs Ladders are becoming more and more popular in commercial and home gyms for a variety of reasons. A stair climber is essentially a never-ending escalator with stairs that revolve around the machine which means there is a small learning curve. To perform the workout itself, all you need to do is climb the stairs! 

These pieces of fitness equipment are perfect for home gyms, new gym owners, hotels, and apartment complexes, as well as schools with a tighter budget and limited space.

Jungle gyms also allow you to complete work-out using a singe piece of equipment. We’re sure a jungle gym will easily become your favorite piece of gym equipment.  Whether you’re looking for more equipment to add to your personal gym or a commercial gym shop our high-quality, sturdy, efficient Muscle D Jungle Gyms. 

StairMasters are excellent pieces of equipment offering many benefits.

Some of these benefits of working out with a stepper include:

  • It’s a Great Calorie Burner
  • It’s a Great Muscle Strengthener
  • It Offers a Low-Impact Workout
  • It Can Help Strengthen Your Bones
  • It’s a Great Workout for Recovery
  • It Can Help Improve Posture

Buy a StairMaster or Stepper Today

Contact us today and one of our Gym Consultants with be glad to help and walk you through your purchase.

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