TrueForm Curved Treadmills for Sale

Looking for a TrueForm Curved Treadmill? Expert Fitness Supply carries all models of the TrueForm Curved Treadmill; including the TrueForm Runner Non Motorized Curve Treadmill and the TrueForm Trainer Non Motorized Curved Treadmill.

We supply new and remanufactured fitness equipment for commercial and residential clients across the United States. Get one of the best pieces of gym equipment available on the market, by contacting us today!

The TrueForm runner is a sturdy, long-lasting, powerful machine. It’s also extremely low maintenance and is unlikely to ever require repair. Unlike motorized treadmills which do require maintenance and even repair, non-motorized treadmills don’t and therefore are much more cost-effective in that respect.

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The TrueForm Curved treadmill is an excellent piece of equipment offering many benefits.

Some of these benefits of the TrueForm curved treadmill include:

  • It’s extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • It’s made of high-quality material.
  • It offers performance monitoring for your workout.

  • It will improve your road running so you’re less prone to injuries.

  • It’s designed to last for years.

  • It’s portable and easy to maneuver. 

  • It helps reduce the risk of impact injuries.

  • It offers proven results.

trueform curved treadmill

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